Property Crime Sees a Significant Increase in the Summer.

Summer seems to bring out all the criminals, especially in large cities.  With many parents leaving their children at home, its important to know the facts, and prepare to keep your home and family safe… Some of the summer crime rate increases were significant!

  • Burglary:11% higher.
  • Household larceny(theft of property outside the home): 8% higher.
  • Reported sexual assaults:10% higher.
  • Reported domestic violence assaults: 11.5% higher.
  • Other assaults:4-7% higher.

Crime Scene Tape

Some cities see as much as a 35% increase in Summer CrimeThere are several explanations as to why this is.

  • Kids are out of school and have time on their hands. There seems to be a direct correlation between property crime and juvenile crime.
  • People travel more in the summer, and empty houses are a more attractive target. Social media also plays a role because people share a lot of personal information online: “About to board the plane to Rome. Should be a great two weeks!” Burglars not only know you’re gone; they  know how long they have to rob you blind
  • More opportunity – People are more likely to leave their windows open during hot weather. They’re outside more also, so bikes, patio furniture, laptops, and other valuables are often outside and unattended.
  • Alcohol consumption – A couple of cold beers may not cool your temper. Alcohol consumption is a key risk factor in violence, and alcohol usage tends to increase in hot weather.

Wow. This shows that if you take a bunch of overheated, angry, drunken people and send them out looking for trouble, crime statistics report that they’re likely to find it.

Combating Summer Crime with Smart Home Technology

Family House

With property crime, it’s important to be prepared and proactive. Criminals won’t take a summer vacation, they will wait for you to take yours and for you to let your guard down.

With the addition of a smart home system, you can make sure that your home is armed and connected to the police 24/7.  When any point of entry is accessed, the police will be notified on your behalf.

If you have kids home for the summer, you can make sure doors are locked remotely and check to see what friends are over with them through the doorbell and ping cameras.

Always keep your doors locked and don’t leave valuables outside. It only takes seconds for a passerby to grab your unattended laptop off the porch or a bike from the front yard.

Secure your home when you’re away too. Keep your vacation and travel plans quiet. You can never be sure who is watching . An offhand comment by a co-worker to a friend or family member that “so-and-so from my office is headed to the mountains this week for an awesome vacation” may fall on the wrong ears. Ask a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your house, collect the mail, and keep the grass cut.

Family Vacation in Mountains

Finally, remember that fire and/or water damage often cause more financial losses than theft.

A burst pipe spews water quickly, but even a leaky dishwasher hose or hot water heater can cause a lot of damage in a week. Your landlord would be responsible for fixing the damage to the structure, but you’ll have to replace your stuff. That’s why we recommend using smoke alarms and flood sensors along with your basic smart home system.

Have a great, safe summer!