When to Install a Surveillance System

If you are building a new facility or rebuilding an old one, you must carefully consider when to install your 24/7 surveillance system. To best plan for your building project consult Antler Technologies early in the building process to assess the optimal time to install your surveillance system. With multiple contractors coming in and out of your facility, it may be advisable to install your system early, however in consideration of the electrical wiring, plumbing, insulation etc. it may even be best to wait until the project is almost finished. Every case is different, so it is best to consult Antler Technologies early to advise you an your unique building project.

Whenever you decide to install your surveillance system, always take appropriate precautions to ensure your property is secure. As mentioned in our posts on External Threats and Internal Theft, implementing a company security policy built upon basic security principles potentially saves business owners a whole lot of heartache. Familiarize your employees with a protocol for opening and closing shop, handling suspicious persons, receiving contractors and vendors, and the distribution of keys and building access. Empower employees to keep each other accountable. It’s easy for an individual to steal when they think nobody is looking; it is much more difficult for that person to convince another to join in.

If your business is still operating on site while you rebuild, recognize your vulnerabilities to external threats and remedy them as quickly and effectively as you can. If necessary alert necessary employees to be especially vigilant in those areas. Be especially considerate of your company security protocol and where you may need to modify it during this time. Temporarily adjust employee hours to ensure enough of a company presence throughout the day. Keep doors and gates locked unless there is an absolute need to keep them unlocked. Have employees personally escort clients around the facility. It not only provides additional security; it gives a personal experience to those with whom you are aiming to do business. Whatever your situation, rest assured that when you are ready to install your 24/7 surveillance system, we will provide the most thorough and professional service you will find, and where security policies may fail our cameras will be watching.


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