External Threats

In the wake of any catastrophe many stout-hearted people pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get to work with rebuilding and reclaiming their lives. Just as often, shadier individuals are following right behind, lurking around the corner, just waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of somebody’s honest efforts. If a business hasn’t already been sacked by looters, a business owner may count themselves lucky and not even consider how vulnerable to theft they are while they are rebuilding. Two of the best measures to prevent theft from outsiders is to develop and engage effective security policies and install a surveillance system.

If you haven’t already implemented a security policy, take time to consider the daily activities of everyone who walks in and out of your facility throughout any given day. Ask yourself how you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to theft or even just scouting while you and your employees are about your daily activities. Are all entrances to the work site unlocked or open to contractors, vendors, or customers during hours when one or two observable entrances would be sufficient? At the end of the day are all workplace materials locked and covered or out of sight from prying eyes? Does the work site have lighting around the property at night? Does my siteĀ look secure? Generally, burglars prey upon easy targets. They are not going to waste time on a place that has employees who are able to see who is coming in and out of the workplace at all times. They are not going to break into a place in which they can’t even see what materials or merchandise they may decide to steal. They are looking for a dark place with an open gate and disorganize material scattered around. Don’t be the person who announces to burglars, “We have nice things! Just walk in and take it!” Being proactive about the security of your property is probably the best preventative measure one can take against theft, and we will help you see where your work place may be vulnerable and how to remedy it.

On top of all the measures described above, installing a visible 24/7 surveillance system is a great way to send a clear message to would be thieves. A camera looking right at the back entrance or along the fence of a business says, “We like our stuff so much we watch it day and night; and we are watching you!” Most thieves won’t think twice about moving on to an easier target. Often just having a visible 24/7 surveillance system is enough to dissuade crooks from taking what is yours, and this could not be any more important than when a business is trying to rebuild.

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