Protecting Holiday Shoppers

With the Christmas season upon us stores all over the nation will see an influx of customers like no other time of year. During this season security could not be any more important. Theft can narrow down those profit margins to razor thin, so naturally any responsible business owner should want to secure his or her product. One can easily observe the effects of a visible surveillance system on deterring theft and helping shop owners meet their bottom line. Having a visible surveillance system, however, produces some not so easily noticeable effects that will continually bring loyal customers back to your store.

Even more important than meeting that bottom line is protecting the lives of those we serve. The holiday season brings with it an increased risk of theft and robbery. With more people out and about shopping there comes more criminals looking for any opportunity to break into a car, steal someone’s wallet or purse, or even outright rob a person. Businesses can modify a few store practices during this time of year to prevent theft and unsafe situations for customers. Providing dark shopping bags at checkout not only keeps children’s eyes from seeing what may be going under the tree this year; it also keeps the eyes of would be thieves off it as well.  If you routinely send employees to collect shopping carts in your parking lot, make them aware of what a potential threat looks like and what to do if they should see something suspicious. Show your customers that you are concerned for their wellbeing by placing a couple flyers with safety tips near the entrances of your store. The DC Metropolitan Police Department has a great list of tips on their website.

On top of making your employees and customers more security conscious, make your customers feel more at ease this holiday season by installing a security system for your store. Having visible cameras inside and outside your store not only deter would-be criminals but also signals your customers that you are not just watching them but are watching out for them. Offering the comfort of security to your customers helps ensure their return throughout the year. Call antler Technologies today to schedule a consultation for the unique needs of your store.

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