Holiday Burglary

While antler technology offers a wide range of industrial surveillance equipment we also provide home security monitoring. Few things match the sanctity of peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. Unfortunately, in this season that encourages the spreading of Peace on Earth, people often leave themselves especially vulnerable to home burglary. They tend to travel more often or are out of their houses shopping or going to holiday parties, leaving their homes vulnerable to breaking and entering.As detailed in our posts on Internal Theft and External Threats there some simple preventive measures can protect yourself from home burglary. Here are a few, but do not limit yourself to only these. Every house and neighborhood is different and has different security requirements.

  • Get in the routine of parking your car in the garage. For a typical American family this may be very difficult as our garages double as a storage unit; however, many thieves often scope out houses in advance, getting familiar with the routines of the families that live there. If the car is often parked in a garage and not visible from the street it makes it more unpredictable when the person is home or away.
  • Ensure that your doors are always locked when you leave your home. You would not believe how many people leave their doors unlocked when they leave. In 2014 a poll conducted by YouGov revealed that 7% of Americans leave their house unlocked when they go out. 7% seems like a relatively small number, but consider that 7% of the American population is 2,261,7000 people! Every day, 22.5 million people in this country walk out of the house and leave to go to work and school without considering how vulnerable they leave themselves.
  • Leave day-to-day whereabouts off of social media. This matter is increasingly becoming more crucial in our digital era when a persons entire life story is accessible with just a few clicks. When you announce to the world that you and your family are at a holiday party or off on a two-week vacation you announce to thieves, burglars, and maybe worse, internet stalkers, that it’s open season on everything you have in your home. Keep all of that stuff off of digital media until you get back from your vacation. And then post all the pictures that everyone is going to want to see.
To better protect yourself, make sure you are equipped with the latest front door cameras, keypads for entrances, and alarm systems. Antler Technologies will install a custom home security and surveillance system to meet the unique needs of your home, and you can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing that Antler Technologies is protecting you this season and throughout the year.

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