Catching Christmas Vandals

It’s that time of year again: the winter chill nipping at your nose, Christmas lights decorating houses along your street, and a group of teenagers rearranging your lawn ornaments to their own entertainment! Your house was splendidly decorated and it’s become the playground for aspiring delinquents! Fortunately, you were ready and had a front door and outdoor cameras installed and were able to catch them in the act. And not only did you see the teens who did it, you also saw they were responsible for doing the same to your neighbor’s yard as well. The juveniles were quickly caught and apologetically put the neighborhood yards back in order.

While a group of bored teenagers getting their jollies from silly mischief may be a petty matter, what if someone really wanted to do some serious damage? What if they intended to steal your ornaments and decorations? What if the presents you left in your car with the intent to take to charity the very next morning were their target? Equipping yourself with a home surveillance system may be the very thing you need to prevent vandalism and theft just outside your door, and even catch the culprits should it ever happen.

With antler Technologies’ front door and outdoor cameras, you have the assurance of 24-hour surveillance and monitoring, HD quality recordings, and mobile accessibility through our smartphone app. With a full view of your property at your fingertips you can check on your property at any hour of the day. As an added economic value, the installation of a home security system may actually lower your home insurance, and saving yourself money is always a great gift!

Call Antler Technologies and schedule a consultation this holiday season. Give yourself and your family the peace of mind that your home is protected from anyone who would try to steal your Christmas.

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